Visual Query - Hotel Room Management

Visual Query can provide visual interaction between hotel room data and CAD floor-plans. Visual Query can be used for a comprehensive system providing the maintenance status of a given room, the occupancy status of a given room and to provide maids information on which rooms on a given floor in need of cleaning.
Visual Query is designed to minimize the complexity of the process and the requirements for both hardware and software, but at the same time to allow seamless integration with legacy systems and databases.

Try the Online Demo

Simply log on and run the Visual Query Hotel Room Management demo online.


Queries are routines that are run against the data from the database and highlighted to the user. Queries can range from simple "Show me all PC's in the Support Department" to the complex like "Show me all unoccupied spaces with more than 3 desks in them on floor 4". Visual Query goes beyond just showing the results on the drawing. The user can click on the drawing and run a predefined query. For instance, click on a room and Visual Query will get the room detail information from the database and display the results, just as if the inventory object had been chosen from a list.

Flexible development of Queries

Visual Query is a very flexible system and can be extended with new queries using JavaScript and Rails. Both customers and 3rd party developers can build new applications using the VizQuery interface. We would be glad to provide details.

Process Flow

Rails provides interaction with database, which can be MySQL, SQL Server, etc. This demo is using MySQL.
Javascript interacts with CadViewer via CadViewer API and with Rails via AJAX.
DHTML works in any modern browser, allows Rails to update display without redrawing.
CadViewer displays drawing (from DWF file) and interacts with Javascript via hyperlink calls.

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